1. Key Points for All Oral Presenters

(Plenary, State-of-the-Art, Early Morning Symposia, Oral, Mini-Oral, Campfire, and Post-Graduate Course Sessions)

  • The Speaker Ready Room will be networked with the session rooms, which means your presentation will be automatically distributed to your session room once it is uploaded in the Speaker Ready Room. Presentations will not be accepted directly in the session rooms for uploading.
  • All presenters must check into the Speaker Ready Room (S-222, Level 2) at least 3 hours prior to their session time in order to verify their presentation or to upload a revised version to the computer network. (see section 2-3 below)
  • All presentations should be prepared for PowerPoint 2013 on Windows-based PCs in 4:3 ratio. (Campfire presenters may prepare in 16:9 format.)
  • Use of individual laptop computers in the session rooms is not permitted.
  • Please note that the “Presenter View” is not available. If you need your notes, please bring them on paper.
  • Only video codec’s and fonts as detailed below will be supported.
  • PowerPoint for MAC files should be tested on a PC before attending the event (you may do so at the Speaker Ready Room).
  • Keynote for MAC will not be accepted, it must be exported to PowerPoint.

2. Between August 1st and August 15th (Est Time): Upload Your Presentation!

Before Getting Started:
Presenter Guidelines We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer 9 or higher is supported with compatibility mode turned off (tools > compatibility view setting > UNCLICK display all websites in compatibility view).

Can’t Login?
If you do not know your password, click the “Forgot My Password?” link on the login page. When you enter your email address and a reset link will be emailed to you (this may take up to 10 minutes and we recommend you check your junk email folder). If you are having issues just contact us

To upload your presentation, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: please log into the account we have created for you (details below) username: [email address] password: [password]

Step 2: Click on the “My Lectures” Icon. You will see a list of all your presentations.

Step 3: Click on the “Edit” button of the presentation you would like to upload.

Step 4: Click on the “Upload New Files” and “Add Files”. Add up to 10 files with a maximum file size of 250 MB. Accepted file formats are .ppt, .pptx, pdf, .mp4,.mpg .mov, .avi, and .wmv. Click “Upload” once you have completed adding all your files. You will see a progress bar on each file upload. Once the upload is complete, click on the “Close” button. When naming your file, please keep the length under 30 characters and do not include special symbols $ & + , / : ; = ? @ ” < > # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] `as this will prevent your presentation from uploading through the submission website.

Step 5: Indicate which of the files uploaded will be your main presentation. By clicking the corresponding “is presentation” radio button on the details page.

Does your presentation include movies?
As of PowerPoint 2013 you are able to embed your vidoes in your presentation. In the event you did not embed your video, we also accept movies created as, WMV, MP4(ideally MPEG4 but H.264 codecs as well), AVI (Divx, Xvid, or WMV codecs), MPG (MPEG1 & MPEG2) and MOV (H264 & MPEG4).   Please remember to compress your videos no matter which format you prefer. Your movie will upload faster and load faster during your presentation with no distinguishable loss in video quality. If you plan to play a DVD as part of your presentation, please notify a technician in the Speaker Ready Room so arrangements can be made for assistance in your meeting room. Click here for a help on adding videos to a PowerPoint presentation.

Special Fonts?
We only supply fonts that are included with Office 2016. If you need a specialized font, it should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation.

What Files Types Can I Upload?
We currently support all versions of PowerPoint through Office 2016. If your PowerPoint is from a version of PowerPoint prior to Office 2016, please use the convert feature located under “File, Help” when you have your PowerPoint open.

The Presentation Management system does not support the upload of Prezi files, the session room computers are not online, and will not have Prezi Desktop installed. Presenters who wish to use Prezi must bring it on a USB flash drive in the offline portable Prezi format to be tested in the Speaker Ready Room.